7 things you’re not doing for your skin but should be.

The quest for clear, smooth, radiant skin can feel like an uphill battle at times, especially when dealing with hard-to-control variables like pollution and fluctuating hormones.

Your skin is one of the most instantly obvious things people will notice about you. It is right there, covering your entirety. Keeping looking great, and feeling healthy is therefore very important.

Are you doing everything that you could be to ensure that your skin is at its best?

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How to treat acne scars.

“As if breakouts weren’t bad enough, acne scars can haunt you your entire life. Acne scars and marks come in many forms, but the one thing they have in common is that they are long-lasting. https://aedit.com/aedition/how-to-treat-acne-scarsFortunately, most acne scars and marks can be effectively treated with some TLC and a little help from your doctor.”

Acne scars are something that can cause serious stress and anxiety for those that have them. If the instance of breakouts isn’t traumatic enough, the aftermath can seem just as bad.

Check out the following article for some expert advice on treating acne scars.


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This article is provided as part of a partnership between lessthanaverage.blog and aedit.com.


Freezing shower?

I have just read that as well as having well documented benefits for your skin, turning the shower water to freezing just before you get out can increase your ability to cope with the effects of anxiety and stress.

Has anyone tried this?

I feel like if there is any measurable benefit to this, even if it is purely psychological, it is something worth doing. If such an easy change can make a difference it has to be worth it right?

Food for thought.

Beauty tips

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to things like skincare or haircare or the like. I use a shampoo recommended by my best friend, a conditioner that she actually bought for me because I would “get it wrong” and various skin care products either recommended or gifted by her or my sister.

Both of these people have an extensive knowledge of the world of beauty treatments and, as such are the people I would most likely go to if I was looking for some help in this area. Having two people who know about this stuff makes my life a bit easier when, for instance, I feel like I might want to paint my nails. My best friend hates this, “boys don’t do that Jon”, but my sister is more than happy to paint them for me.

For an insight into this world, offering far greater knowledge than I posses please consider visiting my sister’s blog here: lipsnailslife.


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