Darren & Toby, The first ever pages.

Here is the first ever story from a comic book created by myself and one of my work colleagues. It is a bit stupid and not very well fleshed out but we did create 4 or 5 stories in total that I am trying to locate with an idea of turning them into a small animated series.



13 hour drive (music project)

For the last 2 and a bit years I have been working on and off (mainly off if I’m being honest) on a music project under the name 13 hour drive. This name comes from a lyric in the song There is by the band Boxcar Racer. As this is a longterm project, I will post what I have so far here. Hopefully, a bit more exposure will provide the push I need to really drive this and a couple of other creative projects forward.

Here is the music video for the first song finished for the long-planned 13 hour drive ep.



Photo by Stephen Niemeier from Pexels

Beauty tips

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to things like skincare or haircare or the like. I use a shampoo recommended by my best friend, a conditioner that she actually bought for me because I would “get it wrong” and various skin care products either recommended or gifted by her or my sister.

Both of these people have an extensive knowledge of the world of beauty treatments and, as such are the people I would most likely go to if I was looking for some help in this area. Having two people who know about this stuff makes my life a bit easier when, for instance, I feel like I might want to paint my nails. My best friend hates this, “boys don’t do that Jon”, but my sister is more than happy to paint them for me.

For an insight into this world, offering far greater knowledge than I posses please consider visiting my sister’s blog here: lipsnailslife.


Thank you


The dark can be beautiful

This post is a part of my series looking into health and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy, while still enjoying life.

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A push for perfect health


During some of my darkest moments, creativity became such an important part of my life. Often the art that I created was a mirror into my mind at that moment. There are images that I’m not sure I will ever be able to share, images that show a level of weakness that I never want to return to.