Writing for inspiration – paragraph three

It was half-past three on a cold, rainy morning. Laura had spent the entire night wandering around the city, getting lost in her thoughts. She spent so much of her time these days thinking about what she had lost, or had she? Was it even what she wanted? The last six weeks or so had been so confusing, she wouldn’t say bad so much, but not easy. On some level it just has to be easy, doesn’t it? Life. Spending so much time trapped inside her own mind was not healthy, Laura knew that; it just felt safer there. Her work kept her busy and distracted during the day for the most part, and her home life was everything she had ever hoped for. At least, she had thought it was. Her feelings for Luke hadn’t changed, but they may not have been quite what she thought they were. Laura knew she loved her husband, but did she love him in that way? Or did her heart belong to someone else?

Laura had known Luke since they were teenagers, she had grown up with him and knew him so well. They had been almost inseperable during their teenage years and no-one was surprised when they got engaged. The problem, she found, was that in gaining a husband she had lost her childhood best friend. She had felt since that day that she was missing that one person who she could be truly open with. Luke had not felt like that person since their wedding. This was not something that she had shared with him mind, there was no need to cause him any pain; after all, she did love him.


Three months ago, before she had ever met Jamie, everything was so easy for Laura. She loved her job as creative director of a successful tech startup in London; she had a ton of friends and a supportive family. Laura couldn’t say what it was about about Jamie that drew her to him. When she first saw him, the new IT engineer at her startup, she thought he was really good looking and there was a mischevious look in his eye that she hoped hinted at a playful personality. During the first few days, she was sure she detected a few occasions where he would look over at her, trying to draw her attention. She did the same, he intreagued her; there was no thought in her mind at this point that they would be anything other than friends, in fact that was exactly what she wanted them to be. Laura had longed for a best friend, a male best friend, someone she could tell everything to without judgement.