Running with my girlfriend – Week 1

My girlfriend and I start 2020 with a mission to get fitter through running.

Helena has made the decision to start running for fitness in 2020. This morning, January 11th, we went out for our first run together.

This is the first time ever that Helena has done any running, other than running in from the rain or running for a bus. With that in mind she was a little anxious going into our first outing, understandable. Despite this anxiety she was also quite excited; to the extent that we actually got up early to go out (9:30 am, so not really that early).

Woman running through forest.
Photo by Nathan Moore from Pexels

For this first outing we stated out with some stretching (a must for anybody doing any form of exercise, especially for those just starting out). The run itself was a simple interval session of 30 seconds of jogging followed by 1 minute of recovery walking; we did this for 3 laps of our local park (I estimate somewhere in the region of 2km total).

As Helena is a regular visitor to the gym, this session was no trouble from a fitness standpoint. At the end of the workout she was in a great mood and said that she had really enjoyed it. She even said that she was excited for next weeks session.

In reality, I have done a poor job of keeping up with running and fitness in general over the last few months; so I am certain that this new regime will help me too. I am personally excited to see Helena improve and become more excited and comfortable over the coming weeks. It is hard to describe quite how proud I was when she said that this was something that she wanted to try.

Running with my girlfriend week 2


  1. My husband is a runner (and surfer and anything physical really) and I have always been a lover of comfort and soft sofas. However this year I took a turn (it’s about time) and started working out – It gave me and my guy something new to share and it’s fun when we go to the gym together. But as for running – the most I can dow WITH him is take a brisk walk:) I could bever keep up with him. Good for you to for going for it. Good Luck

  2. Sounds like a great start, I hope you keep it up! I have been thinking of starting to run, now that we have a park so close by with great trails. I walk almost every day and enjoy yoga. This would be a huge change up and certainly something I would have to work at, but fitness is certainly on my mind.

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