I’m creating a game, for fun; and learning.

I have always been an avid gamer. I find that the worlds created in video games are some of the most diverse imaginable. The potential to get dragged in, and to spend literal hours living in a virtual world is so easy. Many would say that it is a waste. Why spend hours of your life locked away in a world that isn’t real? But many of those that say this also spend many hours watching movies, or reading books. Is that not just the same? I think so; at least to an extent. Plus, what harm is there in spending your time this way? if it is something that you enjoy. Absolutely none.

For as long as I have been into playing games, the original PlayStation back in the ’90’s, I have had the dream of creating one of my own. A dream shared by many a young gamer. This dream has always centred around creating an RPG of epic proportions. Far grander in scale than anything ever created by a AAA studio. So massive and feature filled that a single person could spend their entire life working on it, and not achieve a quarter of their dream. Farfetched nonsense yes, but a dream none the less.

About 6 or 7 years ago I started to play around with Unreal engine 4, looking to scratch the itch that I had had since my childhood. I had no real idea what I was doing, how I was going to do it or really any concept of quite how much of a learning curve there was in creating games, even simple ones. At the time Unreal engine 4 was still a premium piece of software, requiring a monthly subscription fee in order to use it. I don’t remember how much I was paying a month, but it was enough to ensure that I spent a decent amount of my free time working with it. Trying to learn all there was to know, looking to much as much value out of my hard earned cash as possible.

In 2015 Epic games, the makers of Unreal engine released a short film made in Unreal engine 4 entitled “A boy and his kite”. This was made to announce that Unreal engine was being made freely available to anyone that wanted to use it. The release of this video, and the open world that it showed, was eye opening. This software could be used to create worlds on a scale that I hadn’t seen before. The inspiration provided by this 2 minute clip was greater than anything else.

In the years since the release of this video, I have dabbled on and off with my dream game. Never getting very far, and changing my mind on what it is I am trying to create with great regularity.

It wasn’t until the early access release of Unreal engine 5 that I started to seriously look into making a game again. Still with a vision of something so grand that it is not possible to complete alone. Still with a level of skill that requires a near constant use of tutorials for even simple tasks. But now armed with the desire to learn, and the willingness to never complete my project.

I am now making my childhood dream game. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll learn. I will never finish it, but I’ll have fun all the same.

I will continue to document the progress that I am making on this project here. I am doing it just for me. Making something that I have dreamt of since the 1990s. Just to learn. Because why not?

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