Welcome to Less than average. A blog that is so boring that I have stopped reading it.

Welcome to Less than average.

A mix of information and blogging.

At less than average we aim to both inform and entertain. With a mix of informational posts on topics ranging from mental health to exercise regimes, and the occasional blog post about our lives and what we are doing.

Who are we?


I created less than average in 2018, originally as just a blog so that I could write about whatever I was interested in at the time. Over the past year and a bit, that has evolved into a grander idea. In the future I hope for this site to be a bigger mix of information on my passions and a place that we can share our ideas and goings-on with the world.


Helena spends most of her time running her own creative business in our hometown. But she also provides great support for me. Due to her busy work schedule, she isn’t involved in the day-to-day running of less than average. As my partner in crime however, she can be found getting her hands dirty (sometimes literally) on our we cook stuff section, as well as in some of the other blog posts.

The future

Going forward, the plan for less than average is to see a greater and continued growth in the quality of the material that we are putting out. This is along with a push to further our engagement with our readers and continue to pursue partnerships with other brands and sites that follow a similar philosophy to ourselves.

We hope you enjoy yourselves whilst you are here.


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