New years resolutions – Here’s why you should break them.

New years resolutions are commonly broken, often already by this time of the year. Here’s why this might not be such a bad thing; and why it may actually help you to fulfil your goals better.

Accepting imperfection

Research has shown that people with perfectionist tendencies are worse at achieving their goals than those without. If you slip up, don’t worry about it. Pick yourself up and get back on track.

Try not to push too hard after slipping up, this could lead to burnout.

Realise what you have already accomplished

Instead of focusing too much on the parts of your resolutions you have failed to achieve, reflect on the parts that you have already met.

Use your slip-ups as a reminder of how well you did until that moment, and as a way of proving to yourself you’ll be able to succeed again.

It can serve as a reminder

Stepping back and reassessing your goals, and your desire to fulfil them, can serve as an important way to push to towards the change you want.

Failure can help remind you why you wanted to pursue that resolution in the first place.

A fresh start

Slipping up gives you the chance to start over. It is an opportunity to start again with a clean slate. Learning from your mistakes and moving forwards, implementing any necessary changes is the best way to get over slipping up.



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