R.E.D. January 2019 Week 1.

I have taken a different approach in setting out on RED January this year. After finding it difficult to keep going towards the end of the month in 2018, I decided to start out a little slower this time around. In 2018 I front loaded the month with longer, faster runs (10km+), this worked well for the first couple of weeks and I hit some PB’s which I am yet to better. 2019 is going to be different, so far I have only reached 10km on one day, Jan 1st, and this was achieved by doing 2 separate runs.

Next week I will pick up the pace a bit and start to put in a few longer runs. My target for the month this year is to clock 200km, as opposed to only 150kms last year. To do this I need to average around 6.5km per day across the month. I am fully aware that this is going to be difficult, but I am hopeful that I have prepared in such a way that it does not become so much of a struggle as in 2018.

Below are the endomondo stats from the first week of RED January 2019.

Day 1

Total distance: 10.2km

RED day 1 pt 1RED day 1 pt 2

Day 2

Total distance: 13.2km

RED day 2

Day 3

Total distance: 18.3km

RED day 3

Day 4

Total distance: 23.3km

RED day 4

Day 5

Total distance: 28.3km

RED day 5

Day 6

Total distance: 35.4km

RED day 6


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