What’s in my gym bag?

I love going to the gym and getting stuck into a good workout. There are a few things I ensure I always have with me when I am at the gym.

1: The bag itself.

While many people use a bag designed for this very purpose, I chose to use a free drawstring bag that I got on holiday a couple of years ago. I got this bag while on holiday skiing a couple of years ago. It does its job and that’s all I can ask for.


2: Wireless earphones.

For a long time I used a normal pair of wired earphones and, although these did the job, I spent most of my warm-up time trying to untangle the cord. I now use a pair of Bluetooth earphones. I love listening to music or podcasts while working out, so a good pair of earphones is essential.

3: Towel.

There isn’t a huge amount to say about this. I use a small towel to wipe down the equipment after I have used it. Nobody wants to use exercise equipment that is covered in someone else’s sweat.


4: Training shoes.

I actually have a few different pairs of trainers that I take to the gym depending on what sort of exercises I am going to be doing. I will use different shoes if doing cardio work compared to when I am doing strength work.


5: Spare t-shirt

It’s always nice to put a fresh shirt on after working out. Even though I tend to shower at home after the gym, not at the gym itself. I still feel a bit fresher with a clean shirt on while making my way home.

6: Refillable drinks bottle.

Keeping hydrated is obviously very important always, but even more so while exercising. I don’t really like using the water fountains provided at the gym, so use my own bottle that I can refill while there if necessary.

7: Deodorant.

This is useful for a quick refresh after a workout. It is only good for making me feel a little less sticky for the half an hour or so between finishing my workout and hitting the shower.


Written by Jonathan Buckeridge

I have been succeeding at this thing we call life for about 45 minutes now. There will be some errors throughout the journey, but I'm sure it will be fun all the same. I fell over once....that was annoying.

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