Three days, Three quotes, day three

This is the last day of my Three days, Three quotes challenge. Thanks again to Vocalblogger15 for the nomination.

“Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself”   Henry James

I love this quote, remember that you are the only person you should allow to make judgements for you. Other people will have their own reasons for making whatever judgement they make about other people, as is their right. I don’t think anyone should ever begrudge a person for having an opinion on anything, including other people, that differs from their own. Never let these things get in the way of your relationships, that only leads to sadness.

Now for my final set of nominations:


Invest in yourself first



Bullet journaling: Relieving symptoms of anxiety.

This post is a part of my series looking into health and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy, while still enjoying life.

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A push for perfect health


One of the first things I started doing when I was first diagnosed with anxiety (GAD & SAD) was to start writing. Initially, it was so freeing to just get all of the messy thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto paper, after a while though I decided that I also needed to find a way of better organising my time. Bullet journaling was suggested by my psychologist as a way of achieving both of these things.

For those that don’t know, bullet journaling is a method of journaling that allows great flexibility in the way you use it. Using a blank journal, you are able to add whatever sections you want. I use a weekly planner, that I draw in myself as well as sections such as habit tracking and mood tracking.

Bullet journaling was created by an American digital product designer named Ryder Carroll. You can find out more here:

I have found this system is so freeing and allows me to organise my life and clear my mind. I even have pages just for doodling, one of my favourite anxiety relief activities. I use Leuchtturm1917 notebooks for my bullet journal as well as other notebooks such as my doodle book and my college and work notebooks. There are Leuchtturm1917 notebooks designed specifically for bullet journals, these have a specially designed index page but are otherwise the same as the rest of the range. You can also choose between dotted, lined and plain paper depending on your preference (I use dotted).

Buy LEUCHTTURM1917 products here:

*This is an Amazon UK affiliate link.

The practice of bullet journaling is one of the best ways I have found of managing my anxiety, it is no longer something that rules my life. I will likely never be free from the grips of mental illness, but using methods like this it is easier to manage.


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Three days, Three quotes, Day Two

“When we realize how little we mean to the universe, We realize how important we are to each other” Tom Delonge

This is a quote by one of my all-time favourite people, The previous guitarist and vocalist for pop-punk pioneers Blink-182, as well as the creative force behind the amazing Angels and Airwaves. Now an author, entrepreneur and UFO enthusiast (that last one is a bit strange).
The point of the quote is so simple, focus on those around you, the people to whom you can really make a difference. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a difference in the world, but the best way of doing this is to make one where you can, walk before you can run in a sense.


Today I nominate
Day One

13 hour drive (music project)

For the last 2 and a bit years I have been working on and off (mainly off if I’m being honest) on a music project under the name 13 hour drive. This name comes from a lyric in the song There is by the band Boxcar Racer. As this is a longterm project, I will post what I have so far here. Hopefully, a bit more exposure will provide the push I need to really drive this and a couple of other creative projects forward.

Here is the music video for the first song finished for the long-planned 13 hour drive ep.

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Three days, Three quotes: Day one

A big thank you to vocalblogger15 @ theseareourdreams for nominating me to do this, it feels like such an early vindication for the work I’m trying to put in.


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In striving for perfection we should be looking to simplify as much as we can, avoid complexity for the sake of it. This can be applied directly to blogging, re-read all of your posts and remove everything you feel is not adding anything.
This is a quote that I have had on my twitter profile for years and one that I try as much as possible to follow. The push for perfection is never-ending and is something that I am fully aware is unachievable. Never stop trying to be the best you can be, but also never worry about the fact you cannot get there.


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