Three days, Three quotes, Day Two

“When we realize how little we mean to the universe, We realize how important we are to each other” Tom Delonge

This is a quote by one of my all-time favourite people, The previous guitarist and vocalist for pop-punk pioneers Blink-182, as well as the creative force behind the amazing Angels and Airwaves. Now an author, entrepreneur and UFO enthusiast (that last one is a bit strange).
The point of the quote is so simple, focus on those around you, the people to whom you can really make a difference. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a difference in the world, but the best way of doing this is to make one where you can, walk before you can run in a sense.


Today I nominate
Day One

Written by Jonathan Buckeridge

I have been succeeding at this thing we call life for about 45 minutes now. There will be some errors throughout the journey, but I'm sure it will be fun all the same. I fell over once....that was annoying.

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